An Iraqi pop music star is fighting against ISIS with her music.

Helly Luv, often called the "Kurdish Shakira," released a rousing new music video for her song "Revolution" that shows her on the front lines of the battle against ISIS in Iraq.

On "After The Bell" today, Helly told Melissa Francis that she was inspired by the thousands of Kurdish peshmerga fighters who are bravely battling the terror group.

Despite receiving death threats from ISIS, Helly said that she is not afraid.

"I think what I am doing is more important," Helly explained. "I feel that if I can get my voice to millions of other people, [for] those people whose voices have been shut down, I think it's worth it."

"It means that the message of 'Revolution' is as powerful as their weapons ... My weapon is my music."

Watch Francis' inspiring interview with Helly Luv above and see the "Revolution" music video below.

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