Greg Gutfeld opened his show with a monologue on the ongoing "Trump Show," saying the Republican presidential race looks more like "The Real Housewives" right now.

Gutfeld highlighted the recent back-and-forth rhetoric between Trump and his rivals, like Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham. 

"Like a personality strain of Ebola, everybody's catching Trump-itis for fear they'll fade like yesterday's Santorum. And that's 'The Trump Show,' where suddenly everyone is brash and raw. You get chainsaws, fire, meat cleavers and name-calling. It's no campaign, it's the 'Housewives of the RNC.' All that's missing is the gay best friend," he said.

Gutfeld said right now Trump is enjoying success in the polls by heckling politicians and government, "roasting his peers like Peking duck."

But the host asked what will happen if Trump actually wins the nomination, questioning whether the billionaire will stay on the side of conservatives.

"If you look at his past, he changes positions more often than an indecisive porn star. So who you gonna yell at then, when the guy you love so much becomes the guy you loathe? Because when it's 'The Trump Show,' you're just another extra and it's highly unlikely he'll even remember you," said Gutfeld. 

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