A Missouri sheriff says he has received a number of threats after he put "In God We Trust" bumper stickers on all county patrol cars.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader explained to Ed Henry on "Fox and Friends" that his local residents encouraged him to put the decals on the patrol cars.

"I thought what a great patriotic gesture, so I did put them on our cars," Rader stated. "But now Ed I'm mad, I'm mad because this is even an issue. There's hundreds and hundreds of sheriff's departments and police departments across this nation ... that have 'In God We Trust' on the back of their cars."

Rader said that the phrase has been our national motto since 1956, adding that he has the legal authority to do this.  

"Where is our patriotism?" he asked. "Any time anybody wants to be patriotic and make a symbol ... they're attacked. It's a controversial issue. We've come so far from 9/11, it just saddens me."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" video clip above.

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