One dad is urging Disney to recall a talking doll after claiming that it could lead to children becoming depressed. 

Disney's animated movie, "Inside Out," is about a young girl who has five characters in her mind that represent her emotions. There is Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. 

The Daily Record reported that Andrew Smith went to a Disney store in the UK and bought his 11-year-old daughter the Sadness doll, without having seen the movie yet. 

Smith said he was shocked to hear the doll making "suicidal" comments.

For example, the doll says, “I’m in an emotional slump – my legs don’t work. Give me an hour” and “Goodbye friendship, hello loneliness.”

“It had some very generic phrases but also some absolutely crazy messages for young children," Smith told the Daily Record. "The doll speaks in a very slow, depressed, melancholic tone and myself and my partner sat listening to it and we thought ‘that’s heavy, even for an adult.'”

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Clayton Morris spoke with psychotherapist Tom Kersting about Smith's concerns.

Kersting said that he thinks Smith is overreacting, doubting that Disney had any intention of portraying the doll as depressed or suicidal.

Watch the video clip above.

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