A St. Louis fourth-grader credits her school science fair project with helping her save her grandfather's life.

Sophia Tabors had recently finished second at the fair for her project on stroke research. 

Earlier this month, Tabors was with her grandfather at a grocery store when he suddenly dropped a bag of apples. She quickly realized he had suffered a stroke.

“He was staring at it and I was trying to ask him if he was okay…he was saying something but I didn’t get it and his face was droopy on one side,” Tabors said.

Tabors told her mom what was happening and she called 911. Doctors say that her quick thinking helped to save her grandpa's life. 

On "Fox and Friends" today, the 10-year-old girl shared why she decided to do her science fair project on strokes.

"I wanted to do the project on strokes because ... my papa had a stroke, my other grandpa," she shared. "I was just wondering why it happened and what kind of strokes there are."

Her grandfather, Steve, added that she worked on the project for at least six months.  

"I'm very happy and very proud of her. She did a lot of work on that project," he stated. "I couldn't be any more proud."

Watch the heartwarming video above.  

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