A debate on Caitlyn Jenner got heated on a recent episode of "Dr. Drew," as a prominent transgender reporter threatened Breitbart's Ben Shapiro. 

Zoey Tur was sitting next to Shapiro, who also appears as a guest on Fox News shows, during the Headline News discussion on whether Jenner deserved to win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs.

Trace Gallagher brought us the details on "The Kelly File," explaining that the confrontation began when Shapiro angered Tur by arguing that anyone who has male cells and male appendages is a man. 

Tur, known for pioneering the use of helicopters in news reports, told Shapiro that he did not know what he was talking about.

"You're not educated on genetics," she said. 

Shapiro then asked, "What are your genetics?" as Dr. Drew Pinsky attempted to diffuse the situation. 

Tur then grabbed the back of Shapiro's neck, telling him, "You better cut that out now or you'll go home in an ambulance." 

Shapiro says Tur threatened him a second time after the show, even filing a police report accusing Tur of battery. 

Tur was later quoted as saying she would like to "curb stomp" Shapiro, but downplayed the neck-grab as a "love hold."

Asked on a Los Angeles radio show whether she threatened Shapiro, she said, "Yeah, probably. I had had enough."

Shapiro also accused Tur of hurling an anti-Semitic remark at him. 

Watch the report above.

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