Tune in to a Kelly File special Friday at 9p ET to see Megyn Kelly look ahead to the Duggar family's next chapter

What's next for the Duggar family?

Following TLC's cancelation of "19 Kids and Counting," Megyn Kelly looks at how the Duggars are dealing with their show being terminated, new anger from the left and a possible civil lawsuit that could change everything.

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Below, take a look back at some clips from Megyn's emotional interviews with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their daughters, Jessa and Jill.

Do the Duggars Have a Case Against the Police?

Duggar Sisters: 'We Didn't Know We Were Victims Until Josh Confessed'

WATCH: The Duggars' Exclusive Sit-Down With Megyn Kelly

When did you learn about your son's actions?


How did you react when Josh confessed?


The Duggars on one of their daughters being molested when she was under the age of 10:


Given these events, why would you do a reality TV show?


Jessa and Jill Duggar defend their brother against charges that he's a "pedophile."

'Kelly File' Reveals New Info on the Duggar Police Report Release

Duggar Sisters, Jessa & Jill, Talk to Megyn Kelly in Emotional Interview

WATCH: The Duggars' Exclusive Sit-Down With Megyn Kelly