During a press conference Thursday, the lead prosecutor investigating the death of a black woman in a Texas jail cell said that medical examiners ruled the death a suicide by hanging.

Warren Diepraam, Assistant District Attorney of Waller County, said that Sandra Bland's autopsy did not find injuries consistent with a violent homicide.

Trooper Brian Encinia pulled the 28-year-old over on July 10 for failing to use her signal when switching lanes. She was found hanging in her jail cell on July 13.

Fox News reported:

Diepraam said the autopsy conducted by the Harris County medical examiner showed Bland had “no defensive injuries” on her hands, and that lacerations on her wrists were consistent with a struggle while being handcuffed by officers.

Marks that were around Bland’s neck were also consistent with a suicide, Diepraam said.

He added that preliminary test results showed Bland had marijuana in her system, but full toxicology results were expected to be released Friday.

The district attorney of Waller County, Ethon Mathis, told reporters in a news conference Thursday he understands why the incident has attracted national attention, but that the investigation is ongoing.

Watch the "Shepard Smith Reporting" video above.

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