Sen. Marco Rubio delivered a blistering criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran, as Secretary of State John Kerry appeared before the Senate committee.

He charged that the agreement rewards the Iranian regime for its “atrocious human rights record” and said that the deal does nothing for the Americans who continue to be held hostage in Iran.

“The only people this deal does anything for directly are the Iranian officials who want to continue to jail and execute their people, who hate Israel and seek to wipe the Jewish state and its people from the face of the planet, who want to spread mayhem throughout the Middle East and continue to help Assad slaughter the Syrian people and perhaps kill some Americans and Israelis while they’re at it,” Rubio said.

He told Kerry, “I do not fault you for trying to engage in diplomacy and striking a deal with Iran, I don’t. I do fault the president for striking a terrible deal with Iran."

Rubio also questioned Kerry on whether the deal would obligate the U.S. to help Iran against potential sabotage from Israel.

Kerry pledged that the U.S. “will coordinate with Israel in every possible way with respect to Israel’s concerns.”

“That’s not how I read this,” Rubio said.

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