Jenna Lee talked to a U.S. Coast Guardsman who is being lauded for pulling off a monumental rescue of four stranded fishermen. 

It all started overnight Tuesday when the crew members of the Jamie K, a 52-foot fishing vessel, radioed for help, saying they had run aground off of Oregon's Cape Blanco.

The ship was taking on water, losing power, and the men were about to abandon ship in choppy waters in life boats.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Darren Harrity, 27, explained that due to the high winds, the crew did not want to hoist the men into the chopper.

He said the pilots were struggling with the persistent downdrafts. 

So the best option was for Harrity to swim to the men himself - about 250 yards in the rough waters - and "buddy tow" the men one by one back to shore, where paramedics were waiting.

Only dark, grainy video exists from the harrowing rescue. 

"I was just glad it wasn't 'leg day' that day because my legs were smoked when we were done," he said.

Harrity said he was in the water for about 45 minutes, but the whole ordeal went by quickly for him. Jenna asked whether Harrity was unnerved at all during the swim. 

He said he was "pretty calm" and focused, recalling that it was also "pretty nerve-wracking" to be in the helicopter amid that bad weather.

A Coast Guard spokesman called Harrity's actions a "heroic effort."

Watch the interview above.