Trump Organization Vice President and special counsel to Donald Trump Michael Cohen said tonight on "Hannity" that the National Border Patrol Council put pressure on border patrol agents to cancel a meeting with Trump at the U.S.-Mexico border today.

Cohen said he believes that the union told the local chapter to step aside or there would be "problems."

He said that this doesn't change the simple fact that there's a real immigration problem in this country, and reform is necessary.

Cohen said that the liberal media is going after Trump right now for drawing attention to illegal immigration and the failures of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"What the media is doing is they're looking to divide," Cohen said. "They're looking to make Mr. Trump into the outsider, which by the way he is. He's not a politico. He's a mega-billionaire real estate developer, celebrity, author, movie star, etc. That's what he is. He's not a politico. And they're afraid."

"Donald Trump's going to be the Republican candidate."

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