Speaking to hundreds of people at a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday, Donald Trump gave out South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham's personal cell phone number.

"Give it a shot," Trump said, urging his supporters to call his fellow Republican presidential candidate.

Graham responded today with a video that shows multiple inventive ways to destroy a cell phone, including fire, a golf club, a blender and a wooden sword.

"If all else fails, you can always give your number to The Donald," Graham says in the video.

Watch Graham's hilarious response to Trump above.

Earlier today, Trump was asked about the cell phone number prank on "Fox and Friends."

Trump said he has no regrets about it. The billionaire was visiting Graham's home state after the senator called him a "jackass" for his comments on John McCain's war record.

"He's got zero in the polls. He's got nothing going anyway. I don't even think he's very popular in his own state. I did it for fun and everybody had a good time. We had a beyond-packed house," said Trump, adding that he wants to be "nice," but his fellow candidates keep calling him names.

Watch the Trump interview below, and hear from "The Donald" tonight on "On the Record" at 7p ET.

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