Today marks one year since the capture and jailing of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian in Iran. 

The Iranian-American journalist was originally imprisoned with his wife, reporter Yeganeh Salehi, and two photojournalists, but they have since been released. 

The Washington Post has filed a petition before the U.N. Human Rights Council in hopes to increase the international pressure on the Iranian government over its treatment of Rezaian, who is being held in one of the country's worst prisons. Rezaian's incarceration is the longest any Western journalist has been held by the Islamic republic.

On "Happening Now" today, Jenna Lee spoke with the Martin Baron, executive editor of the Washington Post, who said that Rezaian should be released because he's an "innocent man."

"We've been waiting a year for his release," Baron stated. "We've taken this legal action because we've seen no response from the Iranian government." 

Baron said that they've pursued all available channels to help get Rezaian released, which is why the Post is taking additional action through this petition. 

"We hope this international pressure [will] lead to Jason's release promptly," Baron stated. "We would like the U.S. government to continue working on this, work even harder and obtain Jason's release."

Watch the "Happening Now" segment in the video clip above.

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