Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke with Cheryl Casone today in a wide-ranging interview about Donald Trump, the controversial Planned Parenthood video and his presidential campaign.

Casone asked Perry what he thinks about Trump's scheduled trip to tour the U.S.-Mexico border tomorrow. 

"Here's what I hope Donald Trump learns when he goes to the border, is that it's not the state's responsibility to secure the border with Mexico. That's a federal responsibility," Perry stated. 

He added that America needs a president who is going to bring the country together, "not this continual divisiveness that we see out of him and this harsh rhetoric."

"Americans are looking for somebody that's got some solutions," Perry said. "He needs to be thanking the men and women who have gone to the border to help secure that border, when it's been the federal government that's absolutely failed at this." 

Perry stated that Americans are looking for a president who has real solutions.

"After I saw the real Donald Trump, I'll be real honest with you, I have grave concerns about what he's doing to conservatism," Perry remarked. 

Watch Perry's full interview in the video clip above. 

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