“Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell said he “laughed out loud” when he heard that some Marine Corps recruiters were advised not to wear their uniforms in the wake of last week’s Chattanooga attacks.

The shooting prompted the Marine Corps to temporarily close recruiting offices within 40 miles of Chattanooga. Some recruiters were also warned not to wear their uniforms.

Everyday Citizens Taking Up Arms to Protect Military Recruiting Centers

“If anyone thinks for one second a Marine is gonna take his uniform off because he cares about his safety or is scared of some sh--bag walking in off the street and trying this again (WRONG) that's not gonna happen, that's not how we respond in the military when we get hit, we don't take off our uniforms, drop our weps and run,” Luttrell said in the fiery post.

He added that if a similar attack happens again, “there is a good chance you'll find the person beaten to death by the water cooler or stapler.”

Just heard something about Telling Marines not to wear their uniforms at the recruiting centers for their own...

Posted by Marcus Luttrell on Monday, July 20, 2015

Marine Corps recruiters in Chattanooga have since returned to work in uniform following last week’s attack, which left four Marines and a Navy sailor dead.

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