President Obama defended the Iran nuclear deal on "The Daily Show," taking a jab at his critics, including former VP Dick Cheney. 

Cheney on Iran Deal: Closest We've Been to Nuclear War Since WWII

Obama criticized those who claim it's a bad deal, but fail to explain how it could have been improved.

"You then ask them, well what represents a better deal? Typically, they're vague and they fall back on, 'well, if you had just beat your chest a little bit more ... or if you had brought Dick Cheney to the negotiations, well then everything would be fine,'" he said to laughs from the audience.

Cheney's daughter, Liz, reacted this morning, telling Bill Hemmer that her father would never have agreed to these concessions to Tehran. 

"I think it's self-evident that Dick Cheney would have gotten a better deal than this one. ... Frankly, it's hard to imagine anybody who wouldn't have gotten a better deal," she said. 

Cheney said her father would never consider lifting sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guard, along with paying Iran $150 billion, "while simultaneously guaranteeing them a pathway to a nuclear arsenal."

She called it a "fantasy" to believe that Iran's unfrozen assets will only be used domestically, as the Obama administration claims, and not to support terrorist organizations.

"Those of us who have been critical of this deal all along, frankly couldn't have imagined that this would be as bad as it is. We couldn't have imagined an American president would be willing to lift the restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program. ... It's unimaginable in terms of how bad it is and how dangerous it is," said Cheney.