Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said on "The Five" that the issue potential voters are most concerned about is national security.

He said that the rise of terrorism around the world, the Chattanooga shooting and President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran have left Americans feeling unsafe.

"I'm the only person in the race who's actually prosecuted a terrorist, investigated a terrorist, used the Patriot Act, understands what it takes to do this," Christie said. "First off, you need a president who understands how to give those tools to our intelligence community and our military. And I think I'm the best person to do that, because I'm the only one who has done it."

Christie also called out fellow GOP candidate Rand Paul for the Kentucky senator's harsh criticism of the NSA.

"He's wrong on this issue," Christie stated. "And he's making our country weaker and more vulnerable at a time when it is a very, very dangerous time."

Christie said we should be talking about how to keep this country safe, which is not what Paul is doing.

See Christie's thoughts on national security above and watch more from the New Jersey governor below.

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