Dramatic video shows a Kansas woman frantically smashing a car window to save a toddler who was locked inside the vehicle in the sweltering heat.

Sarah Oropeza, manager at Famous Footwear in Merriam, used a tire iron to free a little girl who was trapped inside a car Saturday when the heat index was at 101 degrees.

Oropeza was alerted of the emergency by 16-year-old Famous Footwear employee Porscha Bland, who ran into the store screaming for help when she realized that a little girl was alone in a car outside.

"I didn't even think at all, I just ran outside," Oropeza said this morning on "Fox and Friends."

The car's windows were rolled up, and all of the doors were locked, Oropeza said. She described the little girl trapped inside as "beet red and drenched in sweat."

Good Samaritans joined in to help Oropeza as she desperately tried to break the window with a tire iron. They used multiple objects before the window finally broke.

"I was just praying, 'Break the window. She’s going to die,'" Oropeza told KCTV.

A nurse on scene gave the toddler medical attention until paramedics arrived. An officer also bought diapers for the little girl because there weren't any in the car.

Oropeza said that the two adults who left the child alone claimed that she was their niece. According to Oropeza, they showed no emotion over the ordeal.

“The only question they had for police was if insurance was going to pay to cover the window that we broke," Oropeza said.

The two adults were ticketed for child endangerment, and authorities are considering tougher charges.

Meanwhile, Oropeza said that the whole ordeal hasn't fully hit her yet.

“I was just doing the right thing," she told Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


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