A California man joined Jenna Lee this afternoon, just two days after a terrifying brush with death in a bridge collapse.

"I was pretty sure I was going to die," Bryon Castor told The Desert Sun newspaper on Monday. 

Castor, a 43-year-old corrections officer, was driving his truck eastbound on I-10 near Palm Springs when he and a friend failed to notice that the road had given out ahead of them.


Castor said from afar it just looked there was new asphalt on the road. As he got closer, he quickly realized the roadway was gone but it was too late to stop.

His friend was able to escape unharmed, but Castor was trapped inside the truck as it dangled from the collapsed bridge. 

Castor said he was hanging out of the window as he tried to free himself, but that his feet were "pinned really good" under the dashboard.

He said that hanging out of the window probably saved him, because a large piece of pavement toppled onto the truck.

"That definitely would have crushed me," he said.

As the hours passed, the water kept rising and eventually was up to his chest.

"I could feel the truck moving back and forth from the current. Above me there was actually more pavement that could have collapsed on me, so there were a number of things that could have gone wrong at that time. I've always believed in God, so I prayed," said Castor. 

He recalled that he kept asking God not to let his three-year-old son be left fatherless.

"The only way that I can say that I actually made it out of there, and being pinned there for three hours, was by the grace of God."

Castor said he's still in "disbelief" over what happened and that he made it out alive.

Castor was rushed to a hospital with two broken ribs, a shattered knee and lacerations to his liver.

The bridge passed an inspection earlier this year. Watch the interview above.