A homeowner in Seminole County, Fla., got quite the surprise over the weekend when she found a massive black bear fast asleep in her yard.

The bear apparently found a 20-pound bag of dog food in a garage, dragged it to the woman's backyard, ate the whole thing and promptly passed out.

She called her neighbor, animal trapper Bob Cross, when she discovered the bear.

Cross snapped several pictures of the 500-pound creature catching some Z's after its king-sized meal.

"(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there," Cross told WFTV, adding that he got a chuckle out of how human-like it slept.

Cross said that after about an hour and a half, the bear emerged from its slumber and returned to the nearby woods.

Check out Cross' "beary" funny photos below, courtesy of his Facebook page.

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