The mother of one of the five servicemen killed in the Chattanooga attack said she has not heard from President Obama. 

Cathy Wells, mother of 21-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, was asked on "Hannity" whether she has heard from the commander-in-chief over the last few days. 

"No," she said, adding that she is not surprised by it. 

Wells said at this point, she is just trying to mourn and focus on the loss of her son. Hannity asked what message Wells would like to communicate to the president.

"My son loved what he did. He wanted nothing more than to be a Marine. ... He died for his country, doing what he loved for the love of his country and for his family," she said. 

Hannity lamented that the White House went out of its way to put up rainbow-colored lights on the day of the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, yet cannot pick up the phone to call the five grieving military families. 

Wells also discussed the fact that her son and the other victims could not carry a weapon at the military centers that were attacked Thursday. 

She said she is "angry" about the policy, but said she plans to honor her son by purchasing a handgun that he had planned to buy. 

"He's got several and he wanted a certain handgun and I'm going to fulfill that for him."

Watch the interview above.

UPDATE: President Obama has ordered flags at the White House and all federal buildings to fly at half-staff.