Megyn Kelly and Janice Dean highlighted what some critics have called a "new low" for the left-wing Media Matters group. 

A research fellow, Oliver Willis, tweeted some eyebrow-raising criticism of Ann Romney over her new book, which is about living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dean, who has also written about living with MS, said it seems like there is a "culture of mean" that is getting worse on social media. 

Dean emphasized the fact that the disease is incurable, no matter how much money you have or what political party you support.

"When I was diagnosed, all I wanted to do was find people I could talk to. Thank goodness Neil Cavuto - who has been living with MS for a decade or more - was down the hallway and I was able to talk to him. God bless Ann Romney, and I can't wait to read her book," she said. 

Megyn noted that usually she chooses to ignore Media Matters, but sometimes the attacks are just so "hateful."

"These people, they go out there and fire off these tweets with no respect for women or people who are suffering," Kelly said. 

Dean said when she was diagnosed 10 years ago, she felt alone and she craved books by high-profile people living with the illness.

"Our boss, Roger Ailes, has a great saying: 'negative people make positive people sick,' and I live by that. And these people make us sick," said Dean.

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