Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared on "Hannity" tonight after declaring earlier in the day that he is officially running for president.

Kasich, who is now the latest entrant in a crowded Republican field, told supporters Tuesday, "I have the experience and the testing — the testing which shapes you and prepares you for the most important job in the world."

Kasich spoke to Sean Hannity about his upbeat vision for a united America and a wide variety of topics, including his dislike of last week's nuclear agreement with Iran.

"My opinion is this is a very bad deal. I hope it falls apart," Kasich stated. "I think they fell in love with this deal."

"I would have kept the sanctions on. And if I became the president of the United States, which I think I have a very good chance of doing, if their behavior has not dramatically changed, I’d try to slap the sanctions back on."

Watch more from Kasich above.

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