On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said a shocking new video that shows a Planned Parenthood official haggling with an undercover activist over the price of fetal body parts could change how abortion is viewed in the U.S.

Krauthammer said that the video will have the short-term effect of putting the issue of abortion back on the table, which will put Democrats on the defensive. In the long-term, he said, it will continue the growth of the pro-life movement and could ultimately have an effect on how the country views abortion.

Krauthammer also called for the press to drop their double standard. He pointed out how Republicans are asked to comment on every story and every controversy, no matter how small. He said the press should go after Democrats and get their response to the disturbing undercover video.

"Every single one should be hounded day and night. And say, 'What is your answer to what you saw? Is it improper?' until they give a yes or a no."

Watch the "Special Report" clip above and see the controversial undercover video below.

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