"Breaking Bad" actor Steven Michael Quezada is set to announce that he will be running for public office in New Mexico.

Quezada, who played DEA agent Steven "Gomie" Gomez on the hit show, is running for Bernalillo County commissioner in Albuquerque.

On "Mornings with Maria" today, the Democrat said that he already sits on the Albuquerque school board and that serving his community isn't something new for him. 

"I've been involved in my community way before I was any kind of actor or comedian," Quezada shared. "This is a gradual step for me to be able to help the people in the community that I love." 

Sandra Smith asked Quezada what his response is to the controversial comments 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has made about illegal immigrants.  

"Immigration is a big topic for sure in the areas where we live," he replied. "That's our workforce, I mean nobody eats without them working in America. They do the jobs that most Americans won't do."

"I know Donald Trump wants to build a wall and I'm asking who's going to build a wall for $8 an hour, Quezada added. "It's going to be the workforce that he wants out."

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