What are the odds of Mr. Burger marrying Miss King? 

It happened Friday night in Illinois, as Joel Burger and Ashley King tied the knot. 

Of course, Burger King wasn't about to let this opportunity pass, so the company paid for the whole thing!

The fast food chain released a celebratory video a few months ago, featuring some cute photos of the couple.

"Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding. In other words: It's on us."


And they congratulated the couple for all to see.


Burger King got involved with the couple earlier this year when a local newspaper wrote about the Burger-King engagement and it started to go viral. 

Usually, the woman's name appears first in an engagement announcement, but the couple decided to just run with the Burger-King idea, posing outside a local Burger King for their engagement photo. 

Looks like everyone embraced the theme Friday night, as the wedding parties posed in paper crowns and the groomsmen donned some BK shirts under their tuxes. 

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Burger King wedding


Congrats to the happy couple, who will now start out with a lot left over for a house and honeymoon. It's estimated that the average wedding in the United States now costs $30,000.

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