A Minnesota mother of two U.S. service members described her condo association's demand that she remove the American flag that flies outside her home. 

The Southdale Gardens Condominium Association told Angie Hildebrandt that her flag violated its policy on exterior displays. 

The rules mention "hanging garments" and other things, but do not specifically prohibit flags, she argues. 

Hildebrandt said the Freedom to Display The American Flag Act of 2005 guarantees her right to keep the flag outside her home. 

The local community quickly rallied to her defense, but not before someone vandalized the flag overnight.

She said when she woke up on the morning of the rally, she noticed the flag had been "shredded."

"It was rather disheartening that someone would be so disrespectful to this flag that so many have fought and died for," she said. 

Hildebrandt, who has a son in the Army and another in the Marine Corps, said she has flown the flag everywhere she has lived and has never had a problem. 

Hildebrandt has refused to remove the flag, even with fines accumulating. She said she plans to move somewhere else in nine months. 

The condo association argues the dispute is not about patriotism, saying Hildebrandt isn't following the agreement she signed when she moved in. 

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