Donald Trump acknowledged tonight on "The O'Reilly Factor" that John McCain is a war hero, but insisted that the Arizona senator has not done a good job at fighting for our country's veterans.

"These veterans are living in hell," Trump said. "They're hurting, and they're crying. You see these strong, powerful people, and you see tears coming down their eyes."

He said that if he's elected president, vets will be treated properly and with the respect that they deserve.

O'Reilly agreed that the Department of Veterans Affairs is a mess, but pointed out that McCain was behind both The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act and the Clay Hunt SAV Act.

"You picked the wrong guy here," "The Factor" host said. "McCain shouldn't be the whipping boy ... I don't think McCain's the villain here."

Trump reiterated that there is massive corruption and incompetence at the VA. He said that long-tenured senators and supposed advocates for vets are to blame for that, including McCain.

"I would love to see him do a much better job taking care of the veterans, Bill," Trump stated.

Watch the "O'Reilly Factor" interview above.

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