Naghmeh Abedini, whose husband has been jailed in Iran for nearly three years, is urging Congress to reject the nuclear agreement with the Islamic republic.

Naghmeh explained on "America's News Headquarters" that she understands that the nuclear talks took priority over securing the release of several Americans being held in Iran, but she had hoped that her husband and the other detained Americans would be included in any agreement.

"I think we're losing more leverage as we're moving forward with the deal," Naghmeh said. "It was really emotional hearing that my husband was not released, and yet we moved forward with the deal."

She revealed that as she deals with the difficult, horrific situation, she has often looked to God for comfort.

"I feel like God has told me - and our nation is facing the same thing, a lot of uncertainties and ups and downs - to look to Him and that he would protect and he would heal our nation once we turn our eyes back to Jesus," Naghmeh said.

She added that her daughter's ninth birthday is in just a few months, and both she and her husband are hopeful that he will be released by then and will be able to make it to the party.

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