Before he left his job at the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota, Commander Brian Peters had one thing he wanted to do on his last day: Say thank you to the city he loves.

Peters, who served on the police force for 14 years, purchased ten $50 gift cards from Target and Cub Foods and spent his last day on the job handing them out to complete strangers.

"The city of Brooklyn Center, as well as the police department, were very good to me for the years that I was there, so I thought what better way to give back to the people that were so good to me," Peters explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning.

He revealed that he spent the day driving around, searching for people who looked like they could use a smile.

He said that the response from people was touching and overwhelming.

"The men and women of law enforcement go out every day and do brave and compassionate things," Peters said. "Mine just happened to get some media attention."

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