Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said on "America's News Headquarters" today that the nuclear agreement with Iran "paves the way" for the Islamic republic to obtain nuclear weapons.

"The deal says in its text in at least two separate places that it's the position of Iran if any sanctions are put back or any sanctions added, that frees Iran from any further obligation in whole or in part under the deal," Bolton explained. "In other words, if they're caught violating the deal, and we try to re-impose sanctions, their position is they're out of the deal."

Bolton added that the inspections regime that President Obama has set up simply won't work.

Bolton explained that with 24 days notice, Iran will be able to clean up any suspicious activity at their nuclear facilities, to say nothing of their hidden facilities.

"This confidence about the perfection of American intelligence and international inspectors is going to go down in history, I think, as such a gross overstatement that it will be hard to recover from."

Watch more from Bolton above and see Maria Bartiromo get insight from Dr. Jim Walsh on "Sunday Morning Futures" below.

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