On "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace and his panel of guests discussed the fallout from Donald Trump's comments about Sen. John McCain's war record and how this might affect Trump's presidential chances.

Brit Hume said that Trump needs to apologize, but it remains to be seen if he has the good sense to actually do it.

"Does Trump really have any idea of the extent of John McCain's war record?" Hume wondered.

"John McCain's a war hero. His book 'Faith of My Fathers' is an inspiration," Michael Needham said. "Donald Trump's a clown."

Needham asserted that Trump has gained a following not because of his positions on important issues, but because people are fed up with Washington politics.

"He needs to be out of the race," Needham said. "But someone else who’s serious needs to step up and start channeling the voice of very frustrated American political voters."

Jane Harman agreed that Trump's comments were "disgraceful," but added that he's actually getting what he wants: Attention from media outlets.

"You’re leading with this story on your show, rather than Iran, which was the really big story of the week," Harman said to Wallace.

Watch the full panel discussion above.

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