A 9-year-old Louisiana boy found a special way to show his respect for law enforcement.

Jayden Witsell has made it his mission to hand out letters to officers one-by-one, along with a St. Michael coin for protection.

 Jayden and an officer whose life he touched, Joe McMahan, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today.

"People don't really care about police officers, and I want to have more respect for them," Jayden explained. "When I heard about those two Hattiesburg officers getting shot, that's when I started."

McMahan, who works for the Slidell Police Department, revealed that he was driving one day when Jayden's mother actually pulled him over.

"I see her flashing her brights, and I'm thinking it's a citizen wanting directions or something," McMahan said. "So I pulled over. And at that time, that's when Jayden got out of the car and asked if he could give me something."

McMahan revealed that Jayden handed him an envelope that said "Police lives matter." Inside, it contained a touching message and a St. Michael coin.

"When I saw it, I knew what it was," McMahan said. "With all the negativity that's been going on with law enforcement, it's just nice to know that somebody is still thinking positively about us, and they still look up to us."

"It really made me remember why I became a police officer."

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