A victim of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today that tragedies like what happened in Chattanooga on Thursday could be prevented if U.S. service members were allowed to carry firearms on bases and at military centers.

"I have heard the president and other people, high brass in the military, say, 'We're sorry.' Well, let me tell you something, from all of us victims, the victims' families, the survivors, we're tired of 'I’m sorry,'" Sgt. Howard Ray (Ret.) said. "'I’m sorry' has cost the lives of so many people and hurt so many families. It’s time to change this policy. It’s ridiculous and it's absurd. If you can't trust your soldiers, then why do you have an army?"

Ray said that each time the problem of "gun-free zones" is brought up, the White House and Pentagon simply refuse to act.

"Are you telling us that you’re OK with our men and women dying the way that they are?" Ray wondered. "Because frankly,  unless you change the policy, that’s exactly what you’re telling the family members of the fallen and those that are wounded in each one of these occasions that occur."

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