A Miami woman rushed her French bulldog to an animal hospital after she realized that he had eaten her engagement ring.

Jessica Farah said she was relaxing on the couch at home Wednesday wondering what her dog, Tux, was chewing on.

"I hear Tux chewing something metal. At this point, I thought my ring was on my finger," Farah said. "A little later, I look at my hand, and I think, 'Oh no.'"

The next morning, she took Tux to the Ludlam Dixie Animal Clinic. Veterinarians performed X-rays and confirmed that diamond ring was inside his belly.

With the help of doctors at Miami Veterinary Specialists, they used an endoscope to remove the ring through Tux's mouth and return it to Farah.

Luckily, both the ring and Tux are just fine.

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