A teen who survived a fiery plane crash in Washington state says that she desperately tried to save her step-grandparents.

Autumn Veatch, 16, told CNN that Sharon and Leland Bowman were alive when their Beech A35 aircraft crashed into a mountain over the weekend. She said that she escaped the plane and then tried to help them out of the fiery wreckage.

“They were alive,” she said. “They were both screaming.”

Veatch said that she couldn’t reach her grandmother and that she tried – to no avail – to pull her grandfather from the plane.

“There was a lot of fire,” she said. “And I am a small person.”

Veatch hiked down from the mountains and walked until she found a highway, but cars just kept driving past her. She then went to a nearby parking lot, where two men eventually picked her up.

Veatch, who said that she has struggled with depression, said the tragedy has given her “a newfound respect for life,” adding, “I  have never loved being alive more.”

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