Greg Gutfeld reacted on "The Five" to the controversial Planned Parenthood video showing a discussion about the practice of using fetal body parts for medical research after an abortion.

He explained that the outrage is over the video itself and not "the unborn being spliced."

"Sorry plundering a fetus trumps plundering a video," Gutfeld stated. "But look, we're beyond ethics here. Once you relegate an unborn child to just a group of cells, who's to say what you can use it for?"

He asserted that there would be an uproar if they were dismembering dolphins for research.  

"This video is moral sunlight, exposing the priorities of an ambivalent world," Gutfeld stated. "The president bravely condemns intolerance toward any group in vogue, but no word is spoken for the unspeakable."

Watch "The Five" video clip above.

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