Geraldo Rivera reported on the dramatic prison break by Mexico's most powerful drug lord in a "Hannity" special.

A massive manhunt is ongoing after Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from the maximum security Altiplano prison, about 60 miles west of Mexico City.

Guzman is said to have used a one-mile-long tunnel that started in the shower of his cell. He then reportedly used a specially-made motorcycle to ride through the customized, lit tunnel.

Geraldo, who went inside the tunnel from a house that was built for the escape, said that it is an amazing system that really takes mining expertise.

"And the fact that they managed to do it all under the noses of an entire nation is quite extraordinary," he remarked. 

While inside, Geraldo compared it to one of the tunnels that Usama Bin Laden had built in 2001. 

"I'm having flashbacks to Tora Bora, Afghanistan Dec. 2001, the caves and tunnel complex that hid Usama Bin Laden," he shared. "I must say that Bin Laden had nothing on El Chapo, he dug a much better tunnel, much more impressively."

Geraldo also said that 'El Chapo' is "the tunnel master."

Watch the "Hannity" video clip above to see how 'El Chapo' made his brazen escape.

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