Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry hit back at Donald Trump, who argued that Perry has failed on the issue of border security. 

Trump said on "Fox and Friends" yesterday that Perry "failed totally" on border security while he was governor from 2000 to 2015. 

Perry told Ed Henry this morning that ultimately, border security is a federal responsibility, not a state responsibility.

"Donald Trump may not know that," said Perry, adding that Texas sent 1,000 National Guard troops and other law enforcement personnel to the border last summer to stop the massive influx of illegal immigrant children.

Perry said there was a 74 percent decrease in border apprehensions after that, adding, "I don't consider that to be a failure."

Henry pressed Perry on why he did not do more on border security as the governor of Texas.

"The idea that someone would legitimately stand up and say the state of Texas has failed at this, just doesn't understand that this is a federal responsibility," said Perry. 

Watch the interview above.