On "Varney & Co." today, Ann Coulter discussed the rise in entitlement spending and the concerns over sanctuary cities. 

Stuart Varney asked Coulter what will happen to America when the country starts to pull back on the giveaways.  

She explained that because America allows entry to immigrants who are "used to big government," it is becoming more difficult to dismantle the entitlement system. 

"America is the freest country in the world. By definition, any immigrant to America is making it more statist, less free," Coulter stated. "It's changing the culture of America."

Coulter also said that deporting illegal immigrant criminals is not working and that "the main thing we need is a wall" to be built. 

She added that the most important step is to keep new illegal immigrants from coming into the country. 

Stay tuned for the "Varney & Co." video.

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