On "Your World" today, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reacted to yesterday's ambush-style shooting of a police officer in St. Louis.

Clarke told Stuart Varney that a "war on police" is happening in our country. 

"There is a crisis going on here, Stuart," Clarke said. "There is a pattern here, and we're hearing nothing from the White House or the U.S. Department of Justice, because it doesn't fit their race-baiting narrative."

"You'd have to be blind, Stuart, not to see the pattern of law enforcement officers being ambushed."

Clarke said that he's going to make a personal phone call to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and demand an investigation into this pattern of attacks.

He cited a number of disturbing incidents, including the 2014 murder of two NYPD officers as they sat in their squad car. 

Watch more in the "Your World" clip above.

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