Bill O'Reilly said today on Fox Business Network that he believes a majority of Americans are "frightened" by Donald Trump and expressed doubts that Trump would be able to defeat Hillary Clinton. 

Stuart Varney noted that Trump has surged to #1 in new polls following his controversial comments on illegal immigration.


O'Reilly responded that Trump could very well win in an important state like New Hampshire, but would struggle to defeat Clinton.

"The majority of people are frightened by Trump. They think he's too much of a bomb-thrower, he's too flamboyant. He would have a hard time in a general election against Hillary Clinton," said O'Reilly, adding that Karl Rove and others within the Republican establishment are "afraid" of the Trump-Clinton matchup.

O'Reilly was also asked about his "Kate's Law" petition, which calls for a mandatory five-year federal prison sentence for criminal aliens who are deported, then re-enter the country illegally.

He said the law is being written "as we speak" by the House and Senate and has a "good shot" to pass.

O'Reilly said on the show tonight, he will call out some Republican presidential candidates who do not support "Kate's Law." 

"Politicians are weasels. ... You're gonna be surprised at some of them," he said.

Varney said those who oppose O'Reilly's plan are probably worried about offending Hispanic voters. 

O'Reilly countered that few Hispanic-Americans would oppose the idea.

Watch the interview below. And tonight at 8/11p ET on "The O'Reilly Factor," hear Bill's take on the Iran nuclear deal, along with much more on "Kate's Law."