There are new allegations of misconduct against Baltimore prosecutors in the Freddie Gray case. 

According to the defense, prosecutors in State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's office went "judge-shopping" and are still withholding evidence. 

Six police officers are facing criminal charges for Gray's death while in police custody. Defense attorneys claim that prosecutors were denied a search warrant for the officers' phones, with a judge ruling there was not probable cause. 

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Three days later, an officer writes in the memo, a prosecutor called and said he or she had found a judge who had agreed to sign the warrants.

It's not clear what, if anything, investigators found on their phones.

The defense attorneys say taking a search warrant application that has been denied to another judge is improper. They want a hearing to determine whether any evidence obtained in the search should be suppressed.

All of the officers have pleaded not guilty and the trials are scheduled to begin in October.

Megyn Kelly discussed the latest twist in the high-profile case with attorneys Mark Eiglarsh and Arthur Aidala. 

She noted that if the defense's allegations are true, then "it's blatantly unethical." 

Eiglarsh agreed it is "bad" if it's proven that prosecutors went to other judges after one denied a warrant.

"My own children know that when you go to daddy, you better tell me that mommy said 'no' first, or daddy's gonna get pissed. They deserve a timeout for this," he said. 

Aidala argued that prosecutors can go to the second judge as long as they disclose their contact with the first judge. He said if prosecutors did not disclose that fact, then the evidence should be thrown out.

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