A Florida homeowners association soured an 11-year-old boy’s business venture when it shut down his lemonade stand.

Gavin Gundersen set up a lemonade stand by the front gate at Hawks Point Development on Friday afternoon.

“People come home from work, I’m assuming they’re exhausted, they might want a nice refreshing drink of lemonade,” he said.

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But within a few hours, four neighbors had complained. The homeowners association then shut down the lemonade stand, explaining that stands are only allowed in the driveways of private property.

"I thought it was ridiculous," parent Tony Spredeman told FOX 13. "This is a kid in the summertime trying to earn a couple dollars, trying to learn a life lesson of making a dollar... People wonder why kids don't have social skills these days because they're all playing video games and they're not allowed to go outside and act like kids."

Gundersen, who’s saving up for a car, made $30 before the stand was shut down.

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