On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld had some strong words for Pope Francis, who has recently railed against capitalism and commerce.

"It’s sad, watching this Luddite leftist condemn capitalism when it's lifted millions of people out of poverty and despair, giving them hope and dinner, which is better than any religious organization," Gutfeld said. "And I include Amway."

Gutfeld pointed out that it was commerce, not the Vatican, that invented technologies, drugs and farming techniques that made food cheaper, breakthrough medicines available and lives more livable.

"So, why hate progress?" Gutfeld asked. "Well, human enterprise refutes the leftism the pope embraces. As commerce improves lives, the worse his political ideology looks."

Gutfeld asserted that our modern world largely ignores the threat of God, so the pope uses "green lingo" to condemn commerce.

"But the pope can only condemn innovation as long as he ignores what it brings: lifespans have doubled, food per capita has grown, violence is on the wane," Gutfeld said.

"It just goes to show: the worst kind of holy man is one who's holier-than-thou."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue and "The Five" co-hosts' reactions above.

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