It's a doggone miracle!

Dramatic video captures Tampa Fire Rescue personnel and helpful bystanders working to save a drowning dog's life.

Ignacio Torano, who shot the video, was on the beach at Davis Island Dog Park in Tampa, Fla., on July 12 when a canine was brought to shore unconscious after swallowing too much salt water.

"I saw this dog's head reaching above water. The owner was chasing in with their clothes on, jumped in and grabbed the dog," Torano said on "Fox and Friends" this morning. "She brought it out to shore. They started giving it compressions. Somebody's Google searching what to do. Nobody really knew how to give a dog CPR."

Torano explained that he saw a fire truck passing by, so he chased it down to ask for help.

For several long, worrisome minutes, the fire crew tried to revive the pooch, as other dogs and owners watched.

Incredibly, the drowning dog was brought back to consciousness, much to the relief of onlookers.

"I think that teamwork made the dream work here," Torano said.

Fox 13 reported:

The owners, Regina and Bill Pugh, have since reached out in response to the story.

They said they took Xena to the vet immediately, where she was examined and said to be in perfect health.

"If I had not told [the vet] something had happened, she would have never known."

The Pughs were beyond relieved to hear that Xena was given a clean bill of health, as well as thankful to those who helped rescue her.

"Our Xena is a sweet and lovable girl who loves belly rubs and swimming, and we are so grateful to live in a community where people are willing to help," they wrote in an email. "Thank you all for everything you did for Xena. I saw the light of God through each and everyone of you."

See the full video of the dramatic rescue below.

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