Ann Coulter called out President Obama for not mentioning the murder of Kate Steinle at his press conference, saying her death was "specifically a result of Obama's policies" on illegal immigration.

Coulter said Steinle is not just a random crime victim and that the Obama administration should call her family. 

Coulter explained that Francisco Sanchez, the illegal immigrant who is charged with Steinle's murder, was a nonviolent drug offender who was repeatedly released from custody. 

Sanchez snuck back into the U.S. over and over after being deported five times.

She said that instead of calling Steinle's family, Obama is releasing more nonviolent drug criminals from federal prison. The releases have been supported by Republican Sen. Rand Paul. 

"Instead of calling Kate Steinle's family, what is Obama doing? He's releasing more nonviolent drug criminals," she said, arguing that "nonviolent" drug offenders often go on to commit violent crimes. 

Coulter brought up last year's murder of a Arizona convenience store clerk by an illegal immigrant who was released after a "nonviolent" offense.

She pointed out that Apolinar Altamirano had been arrested for rape, kidnapping, and burglary, but only ended up pleading guilty to burglary and was then released by federal authorities.

"I don't think we need any more burglars. I think we have enough. No need to bring them in," said Coulter.

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