Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge went "On The Record" tonight, where he slammed how President Barack Obama is handling the fight against ISIS.

Ridge said he thinks it's important for Obama to "lay out a vision" to fight the terrorist organization. He suggested that Obama needs to build a real military coalition that will actually put boots on the ground. 

"If you take a look at the armies that Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have, there’s like three quarters of a million soldiers. They have ... 7,000 tanks, they’ve got 3,000 airplanes," Ridge noted. "So if you are really going to be the commander-in-chief and lead a real coalition, then work out the agreement with our allies in the region in order to put real boots on the ground to compress and not only defeat, not only defeat them but they have to be discredited."

He asserted that "the only way their fanatical ideology will be discredited is if there is an Arab-led coalition defeating ISIL."

Ridge added that Obama needs "to put his commander-in-chief hat on rather than negotiator in chief or whatever he is doing these days."

He also stated that he thinks the challenge to get other nations to join a coalition to fight against ISIS became a lot more complicated today because of the Iran nuclear agreement. 

Watch the video clip above from "On The Record."

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