The details of President Obama's historic agreement with Iran on its nuclear program are "quite insane," Charles Krauthammer said tonight. 

He said that even skeptics of the deal were "shocked by the degree of the capitulation" by Obama, who he said "gave in on the idea of them having to dismantle their enrichment."

The syndicated columnist said that the agreement's inspections process is a  "farce," explaining that up to 24 days could pass before Iran grants access to IAEA  inspectors.

Krauthammer said previous proposals called for an enrichment freeze, but the U.N. was supposed to be allowed "anytime anywhere" inspections to enforce the agreement.

He added that lifting the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms is an "even worse capitulation" because Iran can use billions of dollars to provide weapons to their allies in the region. 

"They are now going to be able to acquire the most sophisticated land-to-ship missiles to deny us ... control of the Persian Gulf ... which we have had for half a century," Krauthammer said. 

Watch the "Special Report" video above. 

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