A Connecticut teen crossed the final item off her bucket list when she gave her life to save her friend.

Rebecca Draper Townsend, 17, and her friend Ben Arne were struck by a car on July 2 after watching fireworks. Rebecca died, and Ben was injured.


When Ben was released from the hospital, he told the Townsend family that Rebecca saved his life. He said that the last thing he remembered from that night was that Rebecca pushed him away from the car and told him to hurry up.

Rebecca’s sisters and cousins were reminiscing about the teen after her death when they discovered a note on her bed. Rebecca’s sister, Victoria, explained to Buzzfeed that it was a bucket list that Rebecca had created for class during her sophomore year. It was returned to her before she graduated.


The bucket list read, “For Future Rebecca Townsend.”

There were three items on the list: Kiss in the rain, fly to Spain and save a life.


Rebecca had already kissed her boyfriend in the rain and had visited Spain with her family. Now, she had saved her friend's life.

Victoria said that finding the note “was a little sign that she was OK.”

Now, Rebecca’s family is asking people to pay it forward in memory of the teen, using the hashtag #RememberingRebecca.

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